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Spoilers – Rebel Rods Step-Brothers

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Spoilers – Rebel Rods Step-Brothers

Added 6/5/2015

The original Rebel Rods ended their run at #19, numbers beyond that were not part of the original line-up. With Release 2 dying the Rebel Rods name was never re-used.   In its place was a similarly characterized, open engine line which became part of the Street Freaks releases and eventually included the Spoilers line in the final Forever 64 run prior to production ceasing. (more…)

Rebel Rods 2 – The Series That Never Was


Rebel Rods 2 – The Series That Never Was

A documented timeline into the development and death of Johnny Lightning’s Rebel Rods 2.

In the Beginning

The first release of Rebel Rods 2 were to be in stores in July 2003. There were plannedto be 4 releases; two to three months apart. Packaging was also to be updated. The card art showed a Duster with velocity stacks (subject to change of course). These did not have the decals as an added pack-in, but instead were to have the drag light tree that had been used in the Tom Daniel Dragsters series.


Rebel Rods Raw Castings


Special Release – Raw Casting Set

All of the cars in this set are raw casting prototypes and contain no paint or graphics. All of the plastic parts are clear/white including the engine and interiors on some of them. The set includes the factory white box and plastic tray with the casting number of each car in its respectful bay.

Rebel Rod Casting Series


Rebel Rod References –

Breakdown by Series and Casting Designated Number


For Series 1 the breakdown of castings is as follows: 


Rebel Rods White Lightnings


Rebel Rods – White Lightnings

White Lightning were the “chase” collectible of the series – as with all Johnny Lightning Series.  White Lightnings accounted for approximately 1% of the over all run and had varying characteristics depending upon the series. (more…)

Rebel Rods Wheels and Tires


Rebel Rods: Reference – Wheels and Tires

Tire Breakdown

  • 74% hard plastic tires
  • 25% Hoosier tires (aka Real Wheels and Real Riders)
  • 1% White Lightnings on the hard tires only – with one exception.  Please refer to Rebel Rods – White Lightnings section.


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