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Making Custom Windows by Sinisa Pismestrovic

If you want to restore or customize a car and have no possibility to get original replacement windows, here is a method to make custom windows of your own using a blister pack clear plastic blister. It’s cheap (yes, the custom blister pack windows are thinner than original plastic windows, but it adds to the realism) but with a little practice you will create realistic windows on your own giving the otherwise useless blister pack a new use. [This method is also good if you have only colored glass available and want to add interior details]. Really any blister pack will do from most any diecast provided it has some thickness to it and is not flimsy. First, make a template of the window. Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, go smoothly with the pencil shading over the paper. The edges of the window frame will show on the paper and provide a template of the area to be used. This is the same method often used by coin collectors when the engraved symbols and numbers are not easily visible. (more…)