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Showcase #1 – Tim the ToyMan


TIMTHETOYMAN is a man who likes equipment, heavy equipment that is.  When we first met Tim on the S & K Truck Site, we did not realize his talent or his dedication to the heavy equipment world until he shared the pictures of his CAT layout.  We were truly in awe at his collection and the accuracy of the pieces he had, many of them scratch built.  We knew we had to share. Tim has always enjoyed the 1/50th scale hobby world but is gradually turning over to the world of 1/64th.  If this is any indication, the 1/64th scale world will be excited to see what he has coming next. A picture tour through his layout and our salute to the Toy Man named Tim!!  (more…)

Showcase #2 – Ade from the UK


Owed to Ade

Ade lives in the United Kingdom.

Ade Likes BIG trucks.

Ade Drives BIG trucks.

Ade plays with BIG trucks.

Ade makes BIG trucks.

Ade really makes BIG trucks!!!

Ade is Awesome!!