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Because of the amount of GREAT people that contributed to this site – both Old and New – We shorten the list to names and Custom Reference/Online ID’s.  They are organized base on the original site as Current Contributors and the new site as Previous Contributors.  These name are in no particular order and all names require equal credit and consideration for their help in development, again, both previously and current.

We have had many contributors help assemble information for this site

 Current Contributors 

Kustom Rides 

HCMinis – Dewayne 

Lee B. – Gunnisonbrook                        

Evan Davis – Fargo_66_99 

Mel – Edselhead                                           

Pat Cross – Ford51Flat 

Chris M – SmurphsKustoms               

Scott Conway – tjtommi  

Greg Pitchfork                                              

David Pruitt 

Jerry Schmidt                                              

Mark D. Jones aka Scale-Master   

Kevan Bence – KB Kustoms                 



Mini-Motors, Inc. 

Customs by Sini                                          

Eric M. aka Redmac  


Scaniaman111 aka. Ade 

68HotWheels – Paul S.                             



Du Down Under – Gary 

Shawn B.                                                          

“Millerlite” – Ken S. 

Steve M.                                                           

Gerry Lauzon 

Mike Groothuis                                          

Mark Mehlberger 

Jason R.                                                           

Jeff Fleetwood 


Previous Contributors 

Bob Ratliff – Customs by The Duke

David Elliott – Squishy’s Workshop

Jon Shedeck – Jon’s Customs

Jim Hendershot

John Hetzel – JPS Customs

Fred Bradford – VANDESIGNS

Charles Gluth – Southern Kustoms

Bud Mahoney

Jim’s Custom Rod Shop

John Muthard – Zinc City Customs

Jerry Chewning – Jerz Garage

Howard Didier – Hot Wheel Howie’s

Bruce – Bruce’s Customs

Bob Santos – Bob Santos Customs

Tim Byrnes – Dees ‘ere Customs

Ruth Byrnes – Baby Ruth Customs

Kelly Dooley – Princess Koachwerx

Mike Demers – Captain Canuck Customs

Darryl – Night’s Customs

Mike – Visions Unlimited

Doc – Hot Wheels Doc

Jimmy Chavez – The Boxman

Shane & Dana – GrassShack Customs

Gayle Dvojack – Gayle’s Customs

Wayne Bernard – Wayne’s Workshop

Dave Lehrer – Dastardly Dave!

Jack Taylor – Taylor Made

Jerry Godsey – Good Friar’s Customs

Michael Lattanzi – Lattanzi Customs

Robert Truesdell – VooDoo

Steve Snow – Snowman

Rod Hill – Hot Rod Hillbilly Originals

Tom Musto – Tasty Customs!

Thom Bird – Sir Thom Originals

Malcolm Tully – Tullymon Customs

Scott Weston – Kewl Kustoms by Scott

Roger Kyle-Keith – Roger’s Customs

Tom Bielski – FunnyguyTim Butler

Rick Dupuis – Skunk Works

Cameron – Cams Customs                         

John Fargnoli – JnJ Customs

Dwane – Drano Designs

Brian Ashton – Ashton’s Art

We are always looking for more contributors – if you have something for consideration, please contact us at:


Contributors to the consolidated Pages – This information would not be in existence if not for the help, partnerships, contributions and motivation of the following folks: 

 NovaSS  – The original curator of the JL Rebel Rods Web site. 

Thomas aka “Moon” –  The owner and donator of the incredible Schuco Information

Peter M. – For his help with the graphics and ideas

Hank H – For a great partnership with Hobbytalk. 

Ward W. – For his interesting and innovative article contributions. 

Maarten T. – For his article and checklist contributions. 


Thanks for one and all for your efforts and your information!